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Don’t Beat the Heat - Absorb it with the Infrared Heating Massager Device!

November 07, 2016

Don’t Beat the Heat - Absorb it with the Infrared Heating Massager Device!

The world isn’t the only thing that revolves around the sun - our health does too. When it comes to our health, the sun provides us with Vitamin D, kills bad bacteria, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, cures depression, and builds the immune system. But what if you could use the power of the sun to relieve muscle pain? With the Infrared Heating Device, you actually can.




The sun produces infrared energy that, when it hits an exposed surface, converts into heat. That same concept is how the Infrared Heating Device - also called a massager - works to relieve sore muscles. At ESA Medical, we offer the Infrared Massager by ProMed Specialties for just $24.95, discounted from its original retail value. But with a variety of pain management devices to choose from, how do you know if the infrared massager is right for your needs?


Well, the Infrared Heating Device offers a ton of benefits for men and women looking for a solution to sooth their minor muscle pain. By looking at the advantages it has on your health, you can determine whether the device should play a role in your pain management solution.


Infrared Massage Enhances Blood Circulation: Infrared heat relaxes the muscle tissue, which in turn relieves the pressure that surrounds the blood passageways. As a result, the cells and tissues can receive oxygen and nutrients for improved health.


The Penetrating Heat Heals Tissue: The thermal effect from the penetrating heat causes the cells to absorb the energy, making the cell fluids vibrate. The stimulation enhances repair processes and nutrient metabolism, as well as promotes the elimination of toxins, which allows affected areas of the body to heal in conjunction with improved blood circulation.     

The Infrared Energy Minimizes Pain: The heat from the massager reduces muscle inflammation, eliminating pain symptoms. The infrared energy, when absorbed, blocks signals from the brain that cause pain.


Infrared massage activates the body’s natural healing abilities in various ways. If you are in the market for a high-quality infrared massager, the Infrared Heating Device is exactly what you need to improve your pain management strategy.


Features of the Infrared Heating Device:

  • Has a built-in switch for adjusting the temperature high or low
  • Lightweight for effortless handling
  • Smooth and simple design for comfortable use
  • Includes two infrared light bulbs
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Listed by the UL
  • Cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter sale


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