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The Go-To Source for High Quality Electrotherapy Equipment 
Thanks to technological advancements in the medical field, stimulation equipment has become an effective, non-invasive method for reducing pain. Whether you are working in the medical industry and devote your care to helping patients minimize pain, or a person who is dealing with chronic pain, we have the pain management equipment to help achieve the health goal. At ESA Medical, you can count on our clinically proven products, including our TENS electrode pads, to play an integral role in your pain management treatment strategy.

Innovative Stimulation Products at Affordable Pricing

electrotherapy products

In our online store, you’ll find a wide range of TENS units for sale, as well as numerous types of electrodes to suit your needs. All of our stimulation products are government registered, carry TUV and CE certifications, and come with a 1-year warranty. We take pride in offering affordable clinical-grade devices and electrodes, with easy check-out, and convenient shipping options.

Get Everything You Need for Effective Pain Management and Relief
We are your one-stop-shop for electrotherapy products, from massagers and moist heating pads for sale, to electrodes and stimulation devices. Unlike other suppliers, we not only retail electrodes, but we also manufacture them as well. As a national distributor, we cater to customers all across the healthcare spectrum. We put our main focus on two areas: providing topnotch customer service, and clinical quality products. 

Pain Management

About ESA Medical
ESA Medical is your complete source for drug-free products for Pain Management and Relief. In our quest for improved quality of life for people suffering from muscle and joint pain, we are committed to providing top quality products. Our TENS units, Muscle Stimulators (EMS), and Interferential Stimulators (IF) are offered from analog versions to digital combination units that offer a variety of functions. In addition to devices, we offer various electrodes used in electrotherapy. All of our electrodes are of clinical quality, are manufactured using superior U.S.-made gel adhesive, and are used by physicians’ offices, physical therapists, and other pain-treatment professionals.

At ESA Medical, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and building lasting relationships with our customers. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products, manufactured with the latest technology, at affordable pricing. All of our products are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.


These were exactly what I ordered and a great price. They arrived promptly. Will definitely purchase again when needed.


Great replacement electrodes for my tens unit. They hold well, and you get several uses out of one set before having to replace, if you keep them clean. This is an amazing value for the price! Will purchase again.


Top-notch pads for e stim. Comfortable and pliable, yet very sticky and secure! These are very high-quality pads for any e stim muscle rehab machine. The glue is very high quality and makes these very reusable and very effective at adhering to the body. They are also quite flexible and comfortable to wear and I've had no issues at all with electric connectivity or conduction.


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White Foam Electrodes 2"x2" by Eco-Patch - Eco-020

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White Foam Electrodes 2"x2" by Eco-Patch - Eco-020

Round Tan Cloth Electrodes - 2" by ProMed - ProM-024

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