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Heating Devices

Live Pain-free with Our Heating Devices

Living with chronic muscle, joint or nerve pain is exhausting. Very few people can maintain their motivation while dealing with constant aches and pains plus trips to the doctor, managing prescriptions, and turning down another invitation just because you’re simply not feeling well enough. When you’re seeking an alternative to prescription pain medication, it can be all the more frustrating to find the right one. 

That is why ESA Medical is offering you inexpensive, drug-free alternatives to pain management with products like our TENS electrode pads and moist heating pads. Some of our most popular pain management solutions lie in our heating devices, which are an effective way to soothe chronic pain symptoms and lift your exhaustion. Heating devices, like moist heating pads and infrared massagers, work with your body to naturally deliver effective pain relief. The application of heat has the following effects on painful joints and muscles:

At ESA Medical, we have only high-quality, reliable heating devices for sale so that your pain management plan gives you the relief and results you deserve. Additionally, our prices can’t be beat, making pain management as affordable as it has ever been. Take a look at our heating devices for sale.

Moist Heating Pads for Sale

At ESA Medical, we have a variety of different products for sale, including the CA-020 Personal Care Plus Heating Pad. This heating pad can be used as either a dry heating pad or as a moist heating pad, depending on your needs and preferences. Some people feel that dry heat is the most comfortable option for pain management. However, others feel that since moist heat doesn’t dehydrate the skin like dry heat does, a moist heating pad is the better choice. Moist heat also allows warmth to penetrate more quickly into the muscles.

Either way, by having the option of a dry or moist application and four individual heat settings, this moist/dry heating pad from Personal Care Plus lets you perform at-home heat therapy the way you want it. It is also safe, as it includes an automatic 40-minute timer that turns the unit off, giving you both versatility and a peace of mind.

Use Our Infrared Massager to Ease Sore Muscles

Infrared heating devices deliver gentle, yet powerful relief. If you are looking to buy an infrared massager, our PM-750 Infrared Heating Device penetrates deeply into sore and painful muscles and joints. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use, meaning you can get fast relief in the comfort of your home, whenever you want.

A high and low temperature setting lets you adjust the amount of heat you apply, making this an incredible, affordable, and convenient heat therapy option. And now, with a stronger intensity 10W bulb, it will deliver a soft heat to your sore muscles. It includes two infrared light bulbs, an automatic shut-off timer that turns the device off safely after 30 minutes, and is backed by a one-year warranty.

If you’d like additional muscle stimulation, our PM-760 Personal Care Plus Electronic Massager is an infrared heating device with an electronic stimulator-massager option. You can set the massage to tap, massage, pound, knead, or press on sore joints and muscles. You can also set the electronic (or stimulating) massager to a pre-programmed automatic mode so it will deliver the heat you need. The device has a massage frequency that ranges from 1Hz to 100Hz and a large LCD display that allows for easy readability and precise pain management control.

You don’t need pain management to be another one of your inconveniences. At ESA Medical, our affordable and durable pain management solutions will only provide you some relief. If you are looking for a muscle stimulator for sale, you have definitely come to the right place. Contact us by calling 800-834-TENS to learn more.