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Electrodes for TENS Unit

Electrodes for TENS Unit

At ESA Medical, we are known for our quality electrotherapy pads or electrodes. Each type we offer has specific features for specific needs. For example, we have moist heating pads for sale and top quality massagers for pain management therapy. What sets us apart from other electrode product distributors is that we both manufacture and retail our own stim pads for TENS unit or other stimulation devices. Anyone using devices such as these will highly benefit from our clinically proven electrodes.

Designed with a maximum strength adhesive component and comfortable materials, the clinical pads have a higher usage amount (approximately 14 to 20 times). They work with any device that uses a pin type connector, such as the following:

Whether you are looking for electrodes for TENS unit or are looking to buy stim pads, you have come to the right place. We are here to deliver you the best stim pads available on the market today. Our innovative supply will satisfy any customer, regardless of who it might be:

Clinically Proven Stim Pads for TENS Unit

Our replacement pads for stimulation devices are recommended by professional physical therapists for anyone looking to significantly reduce their chronic pain. We back the clinical quality of our products by guaranteeing 100% satisfaction! Here are a few reasons to put your trust in ESA Medical electrodes:

Achieve Pain Relief with our Eco Patch

Our extensive selection of replacement pads includes the Eco Patch, which are ideal for TENS, FES, and NMES units, but are compatible with most pin-type connectors. They are made with a white cloth backing and American-made gel for better stimulation and increased reusability.

Utilize Flexibility with Flex Plus Electrodes

With superb flexibility features, electrotherapy electrodes can adhere onto the body to provide stimulation in hard-to-reach areas for an effective pain management approach. That’s why we offer Flex Plus unit pads. These flexible pads are an affordable, high quality option for stimulation devices, as they are designed for premium adhesion. We also offer a variety of butterfly shaped electrodes as well, which have an even greater flexibility.

Find the Right Stim with Pro Patch Electrodes

Pro Patch pads are available in both tan cloth and white foam. This line of electrodes are designed with black carbon and US-made gel adhesive. They come in various sizes that allow  you to select the one which will provide you with the level of stimulation you need. Our large assortment of sizes also lets you target the body’s source of pain more accurately and easily. To buy a pro patch, simply shop our online store today.

Gentle Patch Provides Top-Level Electrotherapy Results  

The Gentle Patch line is a great choice for men and women who have sensitive skin and need a gentler adhesive. These hypoallergenic replacement pads are latex-free and are made with white foam, so that they won’t cause irritation. All Gentle Patch electrodes are multi-stick, made with an American gel adhesive, and reusable.

Our Electrode Packaging

Get the most for your money with our clinical quality electrodes, priced at the most amazing rates compared to other brands. Pay less and get more use out of the electrodes we offer here at ESA Medical. Let us be your ultimate source for electrodes; we even have TENS units for sale. You can order anytime directly through our website with convenient shipping and handling available! Place your order with us today.